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stars is not even enough to express my gratitude and appreciation of all the joy and happiness that this bird has brought into our family thanks to the whole staff of Nzanzi Birds Farm that helped me through the process. I also want to thank the staff from transportation that they brought my puppy home in a safe and timely manner. I HIGHLY recommend Nzanzi Birds Farm . Thank you so much African grey
Emma van der Merwe
African grey
I am so pleased with this process! My baby girl Hyacinth was delivered safely and happy! I would definitely recommend Nzanzi Birds Farm to friends and family.
Susanna Engelbrecht
Hyacinth Macaw
The people I worked with were delightful and helpful. After making my purchase I would have appreciated even more hand holding, but I was essentially very pleased. My Bird first Vet visit confirmed that my little guy was in excellent health, and I couldn't be happier.
Smith Kruger
Great customer service. We received our puppy and received support all the way though the process . Parrots is healthy and well behaved . Absolutely will recommend Nzanzi Birds Farm to friends and family
Amanda Rossouw
Gold and blue macaw
My experience Nzanzi Birds Farm was exceptional, from beginning to end! They are available for any questions along the way and even helped after my birds arrived. They were also all very nice, kind and professional. We are thoroughly pleased with the entire process and highly
Aria Walker
African Grey
Just received my amazon parrot last evening. She is beautiful and sweet. Nzanzi Birds Farm is there for you from birth of your bird. very nice to deal with. Very knowledgeable and explainable for u to make good options. I won’t deal anywhere else if i need another parrot for a pair.
Thomas van Niekerk
Amazon Parrot
bought my black palm cockatoo parrot from Nzanzi Birds Farm for my first time and it was delivered within 2 days I ever had trust until my baby was in my arms , all what they said plus was truthful , the cleanest most caring place u can buy a parrot online highly recommended Nzanzi Birds Farm.
Elizabeth Erasmus
Black Palm Cockatoo
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