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We ship daily Worldwide with pets delivery services, All live birds are shipped by Airlines only. We do not ship by UPS/USPS and DHL this is illegal so please don’t ask, we ship using legal pet transport agencies  ship WorldWide. 

How to ship birds Overseas

The birds are packed in special shipping boxes with special water containers and a lot of food to keep them alive just in case there is a delay in the flight times. Love Knows, No Age, Race, Colors or Creed. Our list changes daily. Email for more information. 

Shipping Birds Worldwide.

At Everyday Pets and Birds, we strive to provide you with extraordinary customer service from beginning to end. Our experienced staff brings years of knowledge in  Parrot shipping industry and can help assist in making your shipping experience as pleasant as possible. We will also explain every detail thoroughly to assure you of your pets safety throughout the shipping process. 



A Specialist will first look to see where the closest airport is to ship your bird. (We only ship birds on airlines that implement a Pet Safe Program) After choosing an airport, we will begin coordinating all schedules and considerations. We will then book your flight and send you an email itinerary of all of the times, flights, schedules and pick up/Delivery location. Once all of the paperwork is filled out and your bird is checked in at the airport, you will receive an email and/or phone call letting you know how everything is going. During the day of the flight, we will continually be updating you on the progress of the flight schedules until your bird arrives safely in your arms.



*Your bird will arrive in a brand new airline approved cage/crate with absorbent bedding and a food & water dish.

*All parrots are flown in the under portion part of the aircraft which is a safe temperature controlled environment.



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